Vitaliy GUBAREV Graphics and painting
Vitaliy Gubarev

Vitaliy Gubarev was born in 1936 near Samarkand (Uzbekistan). He has graduated from the Republician Art High School in Tashkent, and then from the Moscow Higher Industrial Art School (widely known as Stroganovka). Vitaliy is a member of the Artist's Union of Russia. In 1994 the honorary title of Merited Artist of Russia Federation was conferred upon V.Gubarev.

Vitaliy works in different art modes:

  • etching (engraving, color engraving), drawing in pencil, gouache, pastel;
  • and painting: oil, tempera,

but his favotite modes are etching (prints) and drawing in pencil.

Vitaliy Gubarev is an acclaimed master of engraving, but another magnificant part of his fine art is drawing in pencil. His wonderfull pencil drawings are really created with very strong technique. Through this works one easily could feel the magic of his good character - cheerful, active and live.

The feeling of space depth is reproduced marvellously easy and natural in etchings and drawings of Vitaliy. When look at his pencil landscapes you almost forget that they are flat and no-color drawings - so vividly and true look on them grass fields and tree crowns, smooth russian knolls and river streams, birds and clowds in the sky. You could just feel the breath of the wind, motion of the tree leaves and gently flutter of the grass - in each part of the drawing or engraving you easily get the sense of motion and Life!

Vitaliy travells a lot - in Russia as well as abroad and draws. Master pencil sketches made during this trips become a bases for his future print and paint works. This works frequently form complete thematic series of engravings, pencil draws, oil paintings etc. So, there is series of North Russia works, Baikal Lake (Siberia), Golden Ring Towns (Suzdal, Rostov The Great, Sergiev Posad, Yaroslavl', The Great Ustug) series etc.

The main theme of all Vitaliy's works - is a landscape. His lanscapes are very different - some of them are very natural and detailed, others - are just meditative sketches. The artist brilliantly feels the balance between the common and particular when he works over the finest details - that is evidence of his very sharp drawer eye. So, all his works have a brilliant unity of composition and leave very integral impression.

Vitaliy Gubarev

The technique of "eau-forte" (etching) that allows to make prints without a significant physical effort became very suitable to Vitaliy - keeping a free and lively manner of a pencil draw. Etchings of Vitaliy are similar to monochrome painting. They wonderfully keeps all shade nuances and visual depth of the landscape. On small-size prints the artist is able to show all beauty, complexity and luxuriant variety of the nature. When look with attention - you could find some more and more new fine unexpected details on the works of Vitaliy.

Works of Vitaliy Gubarev were exhibited in the USSR, Russia and abroad (France, Italy, Germany, USA, Finland, Bulgaria, India) in more than one hundred expositions. Personal exhibitions have been arranged in Moscow, Serpukhov, Protvino, Puschino, New-York (USA), Milano (Italia), Deli (India), Sophia (Bulgaria), Sankt-Augustin (Germany), Somero (Finland) and Ferney-Voltaire (France).

Works of Gubarev have been bought by the Tretyakov's Gallery in Moscow, Smolensk and Serpukhov Art Galleries, the Perm History and Local Lore Museum and can be also found abroad - e.g. in the private collections of m-me T.Faberge (Switzerland), mayor of Milano (Italia), Antony (France), Somero (Finland) and in more than 30 other countries of the world.